The story so far…

After much procrastination, I finally bought myself a ukulele in August.

It’s an Ohana SK50WG soprano.  A lovely gloss finish and a beautiful sound for so small an instrument.

I’m teaching myself to play, initially using the Stephen Sproat omnibus edition (books 1 and 2).  Also have some chord books and more advanced books with fingerpickin’ pieces.

Although these other books are too advanced for me right now, I use them as a kind of encouragement device to keep up with the practising, not that that is a problem.  I love taking out the uke and just strumming out a few chords or doing some simple fingerpicking exercises.  It sounds pretty musical to me, at least 🙂

One other learning resource I must mention is Ukulele Underground.  These guys are so enthusiastic about the uke.  They publish regular tutorial videos and these, and their archive of previous ones, are an excellent way to get a feel for what the uke can do.  In the absence of a skilled instructor, these vids are a good alternative.

Finally, I must say something about The Mighty Uke Roadshow DVD.  If you take a look at the website you’ll get a taster of some of the excellent uke-inspired video footage.  It is truely inspiring and a must-see for any uke player.  I ordered the DVD and it arrived a couple of weeks ago.  It’s NTSC format (not PAL) but it plasy fine in my DVD player which, I guess, is doing some on-the-fly conversion to PAL.  Also plays OK in my PC’s DVD drive.

Well, that’s all for now. Aloha  😀


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